Welcome to the Land of Gold

Myanmar well known for being the Land of Gold, also it holds some of the most beautiful historic colonial architecture South East Asia has to offer, but beautiful architecture doesn’t only come from colonial history. Myanmar is a land of rich culture and religious diversity, religions influence cross cultural blending making for detailed, colourful, and astoundingly grand places of worship. However, some of the most enthralling parts of this country comes from the beautiful scenic landscape such as the green capped mountains, thick tropical forests, magnificent lakes and rivers, virgin clean beaches, and diverse biological ecosystems, the rich and distinct culture of various ethnic groups and their incredible artisan skills and agricultural techniques. To cap it all off, it’s the warm and embracing nature of the people in Myanmar that truly make this a place to visit. Dawei, is the city in Myanmar that encompasses this best, with the whitest cleanest beaches in Myanmar, you will see the untouched regions of the mountains and coastlines, while learning through hands on experience about local industries, ethnic groups and how all of these are intertwined to impact the surrounding environments. At Sam the Man Travels and Tours we delve deep into the world of the locals, we teach through hands on experiences and by educating about responsible tourism, environmental sustainability in rural areas and how development and infrastructure change culture.