The Religious Melting Pot

Religion is something in Myanmar that has been the birth of culture, a sense of community, and a strong value system but also a cause for political and cultural disruption. This is something that the entire country has seen and has dealt with regionally in different ways. Although this may bring some negative light onto our country what we see in Dawei is a beacon of light. In Dawei we have five predominant religions, Buddhism, Christianties,Hinduism, Islamic, and various forms of Chinese religion. Here you find a mutual respect and understanding for those who practise and worship.

The beauty in this culture is not only to community and understanding, what we consider the “inner” beauty, but also the “external” beauty as well. The skilled and detailed craftsmanship on each temple is a sight to behold. Each temple and each culture has sigificant structural differences some obvious and some not so obvious. With Sam the Man Travels and Tours, we will take you on in-depth tour of these locations, tell you the history of the temple in Dawei, its signifcance in terms of sculptures and monuments, we will also tell you the effect colonial history had on these religions, and how it wasnt only how the British influenced Dawei, but how Dawei changed the way that the British looked at ventilation and aeration in terms of architecture.