“A Wonderful Time Spending With Sam”

We spent a wonderful afternoon with Sam the Man, visiting Sam’s “secret“ beach not far from Dawei, a local fishing village, Maungmagan beach at sunset, and a short visit to a local cigar making homestead. In one afternoon, Sam and his “Tardis” ( if you take a trip with Sam and grew up watching Dr Who in the UK, you will understand what I am talking about), succeeded in not only showing and allowing us to experience beautiful places and people, but in giving a truly deeper insight into Myanmar and the myriad of issues the country is facing today.
Everything was arranged perfectly and most professionally, down to the smallest details, while taking into consideration our needs, requests and inclinations. Every minute was worth it and we can most highly recommend his services. You will not regret it!
Sam is a very special person, an idealist, a visionary, working passionately from the grass roots level, together with governmental institutions towards a better Myanmar. It was sooooo interesting, and he can only be admired. Sam practices what he preaches, particularly when it concerns environmental/pollution issues which are close to his heart.
Sam thank you once again and we wish you good luck and success with your business and in fulfilling your dreams.


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