“Fantastic guide in a fantastic part of Myanmar!”

Sam took us (three people) around and showed us the rural and still much undiscovered Dawei for four days. He was always present, ambitious, committed and passioned about his job as a local guide, and it is very inspiring hearing him tell about his local community and the past, present and future scenarios for the region, the way he sees it. Sam talks a lot – also sometimes a bit to much 😉 – but it is only because he has so much he wants to share with us foreigners about his community and country, so you have to be sharp and awake to keep up 🙂 But fortunately his english is very good, especially compared to the rest of the country, so it is no problem understanding him.

The best thing about Sam is that he listens to your wishes and needs, and he then construct the ideal trip for that. We exchanged maybe 25 emails before we even went and he was always listening carefully to what we wanted to get out of our trip.

Sam really gave us a unique insight in local and rural life in Myanmar. Among other things he showed us: cigar making, pottery, wood carving, rubber production, weaving, the most beautiful fishing village and an astonishing remote 30 kilometer long white sandy beach with no one els ion sight than us. He also took us to remote villages in the forrest. All of which would have been impossible without him since almost nobody in that region speaks english, and so many of the places are very hard to reach without a guide.

I cannot recommend Sam enough if you are going to se beautiful Dawei – he is the man!

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