#Local life on the Maungmagan Beach

These people live Mungmagan beach, they are true locals to the area. Each batch of fish that is caught is done by using traditional fishing boats.
This is boat is called, Boke Ma and is hand crafted and painted with either flags or lights for identification. Previously these boats were controlled and steered by hand, but now, most often they run on machines. They are catching on the side of the seashore, small fish, crab, prawn, and squid, season depending. The boaters leave in the early evening around 4pm, and arrive back home around 1am in the morning, arriving before the market is open to sells the goods caught.
If you want to know more about the day to day culture, the things that most other companies dont talk about, please come see me. My tours are a mixture of education and experiential learning tools, to give you both what you want and to dive deeper into why Dawei is as captivating as it is now,

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