Amazing Way To Experience Local Culture

I had an absolutely amazing time with Sam doing a full day tour in dawei. The day before the tour, Sam came to meet me to discuss what I would be interested in doing. I mentioned that I enjoy learning about and experiencing local culture so he planned the day based around that. The day was more than I had imagined it could be!
We went on a local boat up the river. The scenery was really beautiful and we saw many local people going about their daily activities. It was really interesting to see this as it included people drying their crops. fishing, and transporting bamboo down a river. Everything was done the local way and it was such an authentic experience.
We also stopped at a small village up the river and the people were so friendly and accommodating! It was really special as they had not had tourists visit before. They gave us a tour of their village and we were able to speak to them as Sam translated between us.
Sam was also very interesting to talk to and I learned a lot of things about Dawei and Myanmar. I would highly recommend this tour as you will be able to see things with Sam that are not possible on other trips. It was really a highlight of my trip!!!

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