Welcome to Tizit, Fishers’ community

Learn how local fishers use fascinating fishing gear, from low to high tide! Try your hand casting a fishing net or searching for shellfish with a local guide Swim and relax on Tizit’s white sand beach, with a sunset seafood picnic! Tizit’s half-day tour program offers you fascinating, fun insights into the lives of the fisher families who live along the stunning Dawei peninsular. The tour gives visitors a chance to deep dive into local fishing livelihoods, combined with a warm home welcome, hands-on fishing experience and delicious local food. All visitors must book a tour via Tizit Community Based Tourism Club, and use the services of a ‘local community guide.’ Prices at the end of document.NOTE: The tour is as a half-day program, starting at14.00, and ending at approximately18.00-18.30. This timing has been purposefully designed to enable visitors to enjoy home visits and hands-on fishing activities during the cooler midafternoon, with free time to enjoy swimming and a lovely sun-set picnic. We do not recommend starting this tour in the morning, because the sun can be uncomfortably hot to enjoy activities and beach picnic at midday.14.00: Fishers’ Life Greeting Gallery and taste a traditional snack. On arrival, visitors receive a warm welcome to the village by a local community guide, who is a member of Tizit’s Community Based Tourism (CBT) club. Your local guide will demonstrate how to use a fascinating variety of small scale fishing gear. Various nets, rods and traps are carefully selected by the fishers, based on tides, time of day, and the types of fish which they hope to catch. During the Fishers’ Gallery experience, guests enjoy a selection of tasty, traditional Dawei snacks, prepared by the Tizit CBT Cooking Group.14.45: Visit a traditional Dawei Home and try on local Dawei dress Next, we are welcomed to visit a typical Dawei home. The homeowner will welcome us with Betel nut, which is a Daweian tradition, before introducing some interesting aspects of Daweian house design and local beliefs. At the end of the house visit, we have the chance to try on traditional, Daweian dress.15.30: Simple, hands-on fishers’ life experience! Next, our local guide leads us through the village for approximately 30-60 minutes, to the sand-flats and beach. Exact activities depend on the tide. We can either learn how to hunt for shellfish and crabs, or learn how to cast a fishing net into the sea. Joining daily activities with the villagers is good fun, but be aware that this is not sports fishing – our catch is usually quite small! 17.00: Free time to relax and swim by the beach Before enjoying our sunset picnic, there is plenty of time to enjoy a cool swim in the beautiful blue sea, or just relax on Tizit’s stunning white sand beach. 18.00: White sand, sunset beach picnic by Tizit cooking group. A highlight of Tizit’s program is a sumptuous beach picnic, cooked by Tizit’s community based tourism cooking group. There are 2 options. Either Special Seafood Picnic, which is mainly seafood; or Grandma’s Recipes Picnic; which only has one seafood dish for people who prefer meat or vegetarian menus.


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