Dawei Sight Seeing Tour (Sample day trip)

Dawei, Nest of Dawerian people, is the capital of Thanitaryi region in the south of the Myanmar. It was alternative governance by Burmese, Mon, Siam due to whom powerful in the past. It is also known as Tavoy in colonial time. Dawei was one of the first cities settled by the British after the first Anglo-Burmese wars in 1824, as result the towns have long history and interesting architecture building of colonial era.

It is affecting by the political period of Myanmar. Exploring downtown of colonial building ( Morrow Missionary School, Vintage Houses, ABM school ,Church) area standing elegantly and beautiful vintage houses which were built around 1950s. Then we will stroll through the main busy market of Dawei where selling variety of products.

And we will have opportunity to visit local family run business of clay pottery, how to produce local hand-made pottery.

And then visit one of the family owned cashew nut business how workers will process to peel one nut.

(The local run business may closed without prior notice). If cashew factory is closed, the guests will be taken to Wood Carving to see the supply chain of the innovation of our vitage houses.

In the late afternoon drive to Maung Magan beach and enjoy your sunset in Andman sea. And then drive back to Dawei.


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