Dawei Art Space

About the Dawei Art Space

The Dawei Art Space is a public art gallery.
exhibition space, and community center,
which aims to support the growth of artistic
and creative movements in Dawei. We host
workshops, classes and public debates.
whilst also reviving and strengthening pride
in Dawei’s rich cultural heritage through art
and photography exhibitions. The space
seeks to be a space for free thought and the
creation of alternative visions for the past,
future and present of Dawei and its people.
The space is a gallery and social enterprise;
we rely on public donations and on sales of
local artworks and handicrafts to cover the
basic costs of the space and run community
-based projects. We are also always looking
to develop collaborative projects with artists,
photographers, and other creative people.
We aim to continue to build a wider artistic
social movement!

Dawei Art Space
Arzarni Rd, Dawei
09 796 634323

Come and visit us today!!
Local Art Exhibition
Natural products
Free and relax
Local Textiles and handmade products
Daweiian Artwork
Front Face of Dawei Art Space

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