“Highlight of our trip to Myanmar”

2 Feb 2020 sarirella, Berlin, Germany

The day tour with Sam was definitely a highlight of our trip to Myanmar and an unforgettable experience. The evening before our tour, he had paid us a visit to our hotel in Dawei to discuss our wishes for the tour. Since he speaks English very well, the previous evening made friends for the next day. Sam offers a variety of interesting activities on his website. I do not want to go into all the details of our tour at all, as it can be completely customized and Sam is always on hand with good advice. From visits to local production sites and markets to relaxed places, everything is included. He managed to give us an authentic insight into the life of Dawei during the tour. He likes to act as an interpreter and has brought us into contact with the locals. Expect $ 100 + for two for this unique experience.


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