Sam the Man Travels and Tours

Sam the Man Travels and Tours is a guiding service based on sustainable business practises, eco-tourism and responsible tourism. We believe that the way to truly be successful in Dawei is by creating a future where community partnerships, sustainability and skill sharing are all key priorities. We embody our beliefs by using our immersive tours of the Tanintharyi region to show not only the diversified ecosystems and local villages but to also give you and insiders perspective on what the life is like here in Dawei.

Our regional tours take you through the more popular locations of Dawei such as Maungmagan Beach, Myaw Yit Pagoda, Sanhlan Village, and Kalonghtar Village, while also sweeping you away to discover secret lagoons with forests so rich and lush the diversity takes your breath away. Another key, and not well known secret of Dawei is our Vintage housing, demonstrating the architectural genus of our ancestors, while embodying spiritual powers provoked by the use of traditional Chinese Feng Shui, all while being completely eco-friendly, with no need for electricity or present air conditioning.

At Sam the Man Travels and Tours, we also like to include education in each of our tours, to give you an honest and in-depth understanding of both the positives and truth of the Dawei Region. Our tours take you to local businesses around Dawei to show you the skills of our artisans, from local by hand Cashew production, to see skilled master carvers hand carving custom pieces. To hold true to our belief system of skill transfer we take these young men to Dawei vintage housing to show them ancient culture and help them gain more skills and design ideas to bring back and individualize to help promote company growth.

The reputation we have established here in Dawei is one we are proud of, and have worked extremely hard to gain and maintain. We are known for creating 100% original tours with new unseen hidden locations.

So thank you for taking the time to read this, and we look forward to seeing you in the future!