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On this page, I share insights into my city: Dawei

Dawei, the capital of Thanitaryi division in the south of the Myanmar. It is also known as Tavoy in colonial time. Dawei was one of the first cities settled by the English after the first of the three AngloBurmese wars, as result the towns have long history and interesting architecture building of colonial era.

Tanintharyi Region is located at the southern part of
Myanmar and it is rich in natural resources. It is central in
land and water ways for economy. The main businesses of
the Tanintharyi Region are Farming, cultivation of vegetable
plants and trees, mining, pearl production, bird nest
industry, timber industry and export the sea products to
internal and international trade. In the cultivation of
vegetable plants and trees in gardening, the long life
spanned trees, rubber, betel palm nuts, coconuts, cashew
nuts, ….etc are grown and other kinds of seasonal plants
such as durian, pineapple, mangosteen and ….etc are also
grown in the Tanintharyi Region. Sea products such as fishes
and lobsters are exported. Pearl is also produced by
breeding oysters at the pearl production sites. The famous
pearl-production sites are Pearl island, Mali island and
Shwe Island camps. Among them, Mali Island and Bird
nest’s island are not only the places for pearl- production,
but also for natural bird’s nest’s industry. Kanzaw (Mahua)
plant is one of the major medicinal plants in Tanintharyi
Region. Kanzaw (Mahua) oil is one of the main natural
herbal medicinal resources, which can cure many different
diseases. Moreover, local traditional businesses such as
weaving Dawei Longyis, Thabot mat weaving and basketry
are done in Tanintharyi Region.

We are also developing for CBT in two villages; one by the beach and another by the forest (Tizit village and Kalone Htar)


village) by ITC.