Shwe Taung Sar Pagoda is a historic edifice situated in Tavoy, Tanintharyi Region. Accord
ing to the legend The koel sings and Dawei comes into existence”, Dawei. Administrator UNé
Hla establish the city on Saturday the 13th Waxing of Tabaung in Kawza Sakarit 1116, naming
it Thayawaddy. Only after Saturday. 2nd Waning of Tawthalin in 118 to did it come to be known
as Dawei.

King Naruto, enshrining Buddha’s relics brought by Arahantas built a small pagoda on
the bank of Dawei on Friday, the 10th Waxing of Hnaung Tagu, in Sakarit 67. In Sakarit 128,
King Naruti’s grandson King Sanda Thuriya renovated the dilapidated small pagoda. Itwas again
renovated by King Narainda in Sakarit 878.

Min Shin Zaw rebuilt the town Dawei in Sakarit 1122, had the pagoda rebuilt to a height
of 100 cubits. Min Shin Zaw was originally a Shwetaung Villager who later became Shwetaung
Administrator and so offered the pagoda the name Shwe Taung Pagoda. There were several other
names given to it in conjunction with its being associated with Shwe Taung etc, but there were
those who believed that instead of building a pagoda in Shwetaung, King Min Shin Zaw renovated
the old dilapidated pagoda which eventually came to be known as Shwe Taung Sar Pagoda.

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