“Provides a window into REAL Myanmar”

My 3 children (20, 17, 13) and I spent two days with Sam exploring Dawei and the surrounding area.

He took us to locations we would never have found on our own – local artesan workshops,

remote water holes

for swimming, monasteries where we were given the opportunity to speak with the monks and nuns and learn about their daily lives, their beliefs and how their influence Shapes Myanmar culture,

and he took us to a small Village 1hr and 20 min. outside of Dawei where we were able to learn from the local villagers what they are doing to sustain their lifestyles.

For me I could never had imagined having such an opportunity to truly learn about the culture, history, and hopes of the Myanmar people. Sam thought of everything. After two days with this wonderful man I feel I have made a new friend.

Ref. Tripadvisor review on SAM THE MAN by Kristin from USA.


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